The Company

The Company Megasat Werke GmbH

Company with brand and philosophy

Our company was founded in 2004 in an effort to provide our customers high quality products at a fair price and followed it through the construction and the continuous development of the brand Megasat today. We belong to the product line Megasat of the leading manufacturers of satellite equipment and accessories in Germany and Europe. The products by Megasat show the variety for the home as well as camping and outdoor area. The Megasat products range from digital set-top boxes,CI modules, PayTV card, satellite dish, LNB, Multiswitch to mounting accessories. The manual and fully automated solutions for camping, caravan and boat, expand the product line Megasat and also secure the TV reception on vacation.
Quality products at a fair price Our actions and our relationship with our customers are important for our success. This philosphy determines thoughts and actions of our employees every day and ensures satisfied Megasat customers.

Counseling and satisfaction, the key factors for success

The top priority of our company is the satisfaction of all customers. More than 40 employees work every day to ensure that you are satisfied as a customer or dealer with our Megasat products and of course with our service. To have our wide assortment constantly available, we work as a manufacturer in a 4500 large corporate building.

Development and Service in Germany

In order to guarantee the claim of the local product standards, the development of our products is held in Germany. The top priority is customer satisfaction with us, therefore we place great emphasis on safety and quality. So we underline the claim of brand quality. The certified production according to ISO9001 of all our Megasat products to distinguish us. thesis certifications are regularly audited by us. Furthermore, we as a company have a special focus on market-driven products that provide above-average success of the product line Megasat. Elemental is also the service all... customer contacts are managed centrally from their office. If our costumers are not satisfied with the delivered goods, we guarantee a quick solution for their problem with our service centers and the in-house repair shop.

Awards & Service

We are very proud of the numerous awards that were given to us by independent journals. To achieve our ultimate goal-costumer satisfaction-we have a modern storage system that allows us the delivery of shipments within 24 hours.