Standard LNBsgo to products

The Standard LNBs are universal LNBs that are directly connected by a coaxial cable to the set-top box.


Monoblock LNBsgo to products

With the Monoblock LNBs you can received two satellites with only one dish (e.g. Astra and Hotbird).


Multifeed LNBsgo to products

The LNBs can be closely aligned to each other thanks to their slim design – ideal for multi-feed systems.

High Gain LNBsgo to products

The ideal solution for optimum reception even with weak satellite signals, small antennas or border zones.


Unicable LNBsgo to products

Changing from CABLE to SAT – with no cable pulling. All you need is a coaxial cable to multiple set-top boxes to be connected in series.