Megasat Octo LNB Diavolo


  • Digital satellite receiving with high quality LNBsmegasat_diavolo_lnbs_gold_logo

    A new era in terms of image sharpness has begun, with these LNBs you are well equipped. An LNB in reliable professional quality for your razor sharp viewing experience. The Megasat LNB Diavolo series is characterized by an extreme weather resistance. Whether cold or extreme heat A smooth function is guaranteed.

    The LNB is suitable for the reception of one satellite for eight set-top boxes. The retractable weather guard protects the Fconnector from snow and rain. By a very low noise figure of only 0.1 dB, excellent picture and sound quality is guaranteed.

    The Megasat Diavolo LNB quality was confirmed by numerous tests.

    megasat_diavolo_lnbs_testlogo_1   megasat_diavolo_lnbs_testlogo_2

  • Features

    • Users: 8
    • Noise figure: 0.1 dB
    • Input frequency range: 10.7 12.75 GHz
    • Oscillator frequency: 9.75 – 10.6 GHz
    • Signal gain: 60 dB
    • Features: extremely heat- and cold resistant
    • Additional function: pull-weather protection
    • Feed diameter: 40 mm


    • 8x F-Buchse (gold-plated)

    Logistic Data


    • Length: 130 mm
    • Width: 115 mm
    • Height: 60 mm
    • Weight: 322 g (net)


    • Width: 140 mm
    • Depth: 63 mm
    • Height: 112 mm
    • Weight: 366 g (brutto)


    • Article-No.: 0401024
    • EAN: 4046173100549
    The actual dimensions and weight may vary depending on configuration and manufacturing process.


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